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Mektepli team of account managers and production work closely with our clients to create and produce clothing designs that meet their exact specifications. From designing and pattern making to sampling and production, Mektepli team is dedicated to delivering high-quality services on time and on budget. Mektepli specialized in different product lines, including modest clothing and menstrual panties, in addition to customized production for women's clothing collections.


Mektepli is a clothing manufacturing company based in Istanbul, Turkiye, founded in 2014 by two engineers with passion for fashion and production. Since then, we have been committed to creating high-quality clothing designs at affordable prices by combining technical expertise with design innovation.

Our team of account managers and production team members work closely with their clients to create garments that meet their exact specifications...

Clothing Manufacturer


Clothing Manufacturer

Following tech packs and pattern making in design process, Mektepli team proceed sampling steps; "pattern making", "fabric/material sourcing" and "tailoring" to get prepared for shipment of samples. Before sample shipment, Mektepli provide photos and videos of samples for preapproval. Please view all detailed information, terms and pricing in sampling page.


All cut and sewn products are manufactured in internal production line of Mektepli in Istanbul. With this production ability, Mektepli is able to provide small batch production as well as mass production.

Production steps includes; "Patterns", "Fabric / Material Sourcing", "Manufacturing", "Decoration", "Private Labelling", "Quality Control" and "Packing".

Please view all  information, terms and pricing details in "Production" page.

Clothing Manufacturer
Menstrual Panties, Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli also specialized in the production of period panties. With our experience in textile clothing, we have been able to adapt our know-how to a product in full expansion concerned with the health of women and our planet. We offer a complete production process, from conception to creation of a prototype to the delivery of a finished, packaged product, ready to be shipped to the end customer.

Modest Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli is expertized in the production of  modest clothing line since the beginning. Best quality hijabs with variable fabric and color options, abayas, kimonos, khimars, undercaps etc. is being developed and produced by Mektepli in highest quality and affordable prices.


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