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Modest Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli is expertized in the production of  modest clothing line since the beginning. Best quality hijabs with variable fabric and color options, abayas, kimonos, khimars, undercaps etc. is being developed and produced by Mektepli in highest quality and affordable prices.

Clothing Manufacturer


If you are looking for a manufacturer to develop modest clothing collection, Mektepli is right answer. Abaya, prayer dress, skirt, pant, tunic, kimono, long dress, coat, shirt, matching set etc. is being produced by Mektepli in highest quality by best matching fabric options provided by our expertized team.


Hijabs and undercaps are being developed and produced by expert team of Mektepli. Also we develop best fabric options for this line and stock these fabrics in many color options for fast production. Premium Jersey, Ribbed Bamboo, High-End Chiffon, Breathable Rayon are some of these fabric options in stocks. Light Jersey, Instant Jersey, Textured Chiffon, Luxury Chiffon, Ribbed Jersey, Breathable Rayon, Satin, Silk etc. hijabs, any type of undercaps and sports hijabs production is our profession for long years. 

Hijab Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli produce all these modest collection line products with your own styling specifications and private branding tools; labels, packaging, gift cards, etc. 

Clothing Manufacturer
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