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​​Mektepli / BIO

Mektepli is a clothing manufacturing company based in Turkiye, founded in 2014 by two engineers with a passion for fashion and production. Since then, we have been committed to creating high-quality garments at affordable prices by combining technical expertise with design innovation.

Our team of account managers and production team members work closely with their clients to create garments that meet their exact specifications. From designing and pattern making to sampling and production, Mektepli team is dedicated to delivering high-quality products on time and on budget. Mektepli specializes in different product lines, including modest clothing and menstrual panties, in addition to customized production for women's clothing collections.

Our company's specialization in modest clothing has earned them a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the region. They have designed a wide range of modest clothing items that cater to women who want to dress modestly without compromising on style. Mektepli's modest clothing line includes hijabs, dresses, tunics, and abayas, all designed to be fashionable and comfortable.

Another specialized product line we set apart is their menstrual panties. These panties are designed to provide women with a comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional menstrual products. The panties are made from eco-friendly materials and can be reused long time, making them an affordable and sustainable option.

As our main partnership line, Mektepli offers mass production and also small batch clothing manufacturing services. We are able to use eco-friendly materials and processes in its manufacturing and continually strives to reduce its carbon footprint, earning them a loyal following among consumers who are concerned about the environment.

Mektepli's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality sets them apart from the competition.

Overall, Mektepli is a clothing manufacturer that is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients by offering high-quality, specialized products and services. With our team of talented team members and engineers, the company is poised for continued success and growth in the years to come. Mektepli aims to be best production partner for customers looking to avoid problematic Chinese manufacturing and seeking faster delivery options and competitive rates.

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