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Mektepli Tech-Pack

A well-designed tech pack help streamline the production process, reduce errors, and improve communication between designers and manufacturers. Mektepli prepare tech packs in case not provided by clients.


Pattern making involves creating a template or blueprint for the garment that will be used to guide the cutting and sewing of the fabric. Talented design team of Mektepli prepare original patterns in sampling or customers provide their own patterns as an option.

Tailoring, Clothing Manufacturer


Fabric Swatches, Clothing Manufacturer

Fabric and material sourcing is an important factor to consider in clothing manufacturing in terms of cost and quality. In this step, Mektepli select fabrics and materials when clients do not provide them. Selected fabrics and color charts are shared by videos and photos with customers. 

Optionally, fabric and material options can be shipped to customers. For each fabric, Mektepli provides 5 different quality options. And all available color options are shared by clear photos and videos with customers. As an additional option, color catalogs can be shipped to customers as well.


Mektepli produce final samples for confirmation of customers. These samples refer the sewing and finishing quality before production.

Clothing Manufacturer


Pattern cutting, Clothing Manufacturer

As first step of production, cutting patterns are cleared by following steps by Mektepli;

  • Pattern Digitizing

  • Grading

  • Marker Making

  • Printing


According to exact need of fabrics following cutting patterns clarification, Mektepli purchase all fabrics, linings and fusing by meters of estimated consumption. As another option, customers are able to provide all these by themselves to the production line of Mektepli.

Clothing Manufacturer
Clothing Manufacturer

Mektepli supply all materials for production like zippers, buttons, threads, labels, rubbers etc. As another option, customers are able to provide all these by themselves to the production line of Mektepli.



All cut and sewn products like dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts etc. are manufactured in internal production line of Mektepli in Istanbul. With this production ability, Mektepli is able to provide small batch production as well as mass production.

Clothing Manufacturer


We have also successful partner knitting and denim factories in Istanbul to provide these product lines for our customers as well. For these additional lines our main goal is to provide competitive rates and Mektepli quality to our customers by inspection and internal quality control for our customers.

Clothing Manufacturer

We are able to implement all decoration options of clothing designs like embroidery, printing, stones, pearls, hand works etc. with our talented team and partner suppliers specialized in these lines.


All productions are made to private labels of our customers. Mektepli work with high quality suppliers for brand labels, hangtags, care labels and packages. In sewing and packaging steps Mektepli apply all demanded branded materials with care.

Private Labelling, Clothing Manufacturer
Clothing Manufacturer

Quality control is one of the most important step in clothing manufacturing. Mektepli make inspection during sewing and ironing and quality control of finished products before packing in finishing line of production.

As well as product quality, proper barcodes / stickers are very important for the fashion brands especially who sell by online stores and fulfillment centers. Mektepli send final packed products for long years to warehouses of our customers who have online selling channels.

We guarantee 100% of the products shipped to our customers. According to our customers' demand, we are able to send 2. quality products with 40% discount to our customers.


Mektepli pack all products according to customers instruction. Recycled, sustainable and all other packing options can be implemented successfully by Mektepli production team. Our experienced suppliers are able to produce any types of packing materials for our customers.

Clothing Manufacturer
Clothing Manufacturer

Mektepli manage all invoice and clearance processes internally. We are able to export by ourselves in safest and legal way with no extra costs and no need of forwarder companies. For EU customers, there is no custom taxes with the document we prepare.


Mektepli ship by road, air, sea and express by the most efficient delivery options worldwide. Before shipment, Mektepli share different shipping quotes of options for customers approval. Beside, customers are able to manage shipments by themselves as well.

Shippment, Clothing Manufacturer
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