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menstrual panties, Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli also specializes in the production of period panties. With our experience in textile clothing, we have been able to adapt our know-how to a product in full expansion concerned with the health of women and our planet. We offer a complete production process, from conception to creation of a prototype to the delivery of a finished, packaged product, ready to be shipped to the end customer.

We advise our clients on the design, models and selection of healthy and ecological components. Lucky to be located in a fabric producing country, we provide all the sourcing service for the raw material. All our fabrics can be certified Oekotex, Gots, Vegan ...

Clothing Manufacturer


Mektepli also collaborate with the textile laboratory of one of the most prestigious university in Turkiye. We work with highly qualified engineers and students to bring the best performing period panties to our customers. We are fortunate enough to perform a test set in an ideal environment.


Period panties should be comfortable, antibacterial, and waterproof. For this the part between the legs is composed of three layers of different fabrics:

1- A first draining layer which must transfer the liquid to the lower layer. This layer must do this job quickly to avoid the sensation of moisture in contact with the skin as much as possible.

2- The second layer is the absorbent layer. This fabric must have a great absorption power to prevent any leakage and to retain the liquid in it.

3- The third layer is the waterproof layer. This fabric must be completely waterproof to prevent the liquid from passing through the bottom of the panties.

Menstrual panties, Clothing Manufacturer


The composition of the materials as well as the number of layers can be adapted to the specifications of each customer.

We can produce several types of period panties with different degrees of absorption, ranking from light flow to heavy flow. In addition to being a manufacturer of period panties, you also have the option of adapting this technology to your period swimsuits.


Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information and tailor-made support!

Clothing Manufacturer
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