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Mektepli accepts any quantities of designs for sampling like only 1 design for testing our services or 100 designs of a whole season.


Timing changes up to sampling services will be provided by Mektepli and decision performance of customers. Estimated time of completion for each step between 1-10 designs ;


  • Tech Pack : 3 work days

  • Fabric Options :2 work days

  • Pattern Making : 10 work days

  • Tailoring : 5 work days


Mektepli organize sample shipment, send all samples via DHL Express as fastest option and competitive rates. Customers can prefer to manage it by themselves as well.


For sampling services Mektepli accepts payment cash in advance. Payment methods;


  • Bank transfer to company account

  • Wester Union, Ria, MoneyGram, PayPal (as personal money transfer for under €1000 total amount)

  • Cash



  • Small Batch Production Quantity Ranges;

    • 25-50 pcs

    • 50-100 pcs

    • 100-250 pcs


  • Mass Production Quantity Ranges;

    • 250-500 pcs

    • 500-1000 pcs

    • 1000-2500 pcs

    • 2500-5000 pcs

    • 5000-10000 pcs

    • 10000< pcs

Small batch quantities can be divided in 2 colors and 4 sizes. Mass production quantities can be divided in 4 colors and 6 sizes.


Extra size and color variation can be managed by additional charge.


According to schedule of production line, lead times may change. In terms of Mektepli, following proforma invoice and pre-payment, production takes 6 weeks for any quantities.


  • Mektepli organize invoice, clearance and shipment processes by internal responsible departments.

  • Express, air cargo, road express, road and sea transport options are provided to our customers.

  • Express shipments take 2-3 days,

  • Road transports take 7-10 days,

  • Sea transports take 28-35 days in average.

  • Mektepli provide very competitive quotes from the partner transport companies as a big advantage for customers.


  • Mektepli accept pre-payment 50% of estimated total amount according to ordered quantities.

  • When shipment is ready and shipping cost is clear, Mektepli prepare final invoice and wait for rest payment.

  • When rest payment is done, shipping is proceeded.

  • All payments have to be made by bank transfer to our company bank account in the invoice currency.

  • If customers prefer lower product invoice, there will be additional cost as 5% of the lower made amount.

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